Pet Saffa Natural Laxative Granules Powder, 120g

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Pet Saffa Powder – Natural Laxative Granules, 120g


Pet Saffa, Natural Laxative Granules is very effective in relieving from constipation and associated gastro-intestinal discomforts. It contains 11 herbs, which helps to pacify all doshas in the body thus improving metabolism processes in the gut eventually warding off constipation. 11 herbal natural herbs are Senna , Ajwain , Ispaghula, Triphala, Bellirica & Emblica officinalis ,Svarjiksara , Haritaki ,Amaltash , Saunf ,Sonth, Nisot, Jeera and Castor Oil. These herbal ingredients are special in a way as it does not alter the natural composition of our digestive system and act as a natural aid for constipation.


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